About Us

Our Approach


Our approach is simple. We believe every senior that owns a home, deserves access to his home’s equity, in order to secure his future and make his life easier.  Whether it means to extend his retirement funds, delay accessing his social security benefits until 70 years of age, pay for “in home health care” or simply take a well deserved vacation, a Senior Equity Line of Credit is the "golden ticket".

The Perfect Retirement Tool.....


Use this retirement tool to meet your needs.

  • Create a Social Security Delay Bridge
  • Help Manage Falling into a Higher Tax Bracket
  • Use the Credit Line to Pay for Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Take Tenure Payments as an Alternative to Annuity Income

Retirement Income Planning Involves Reviewing Your Options


  • A Reverse Mortgage is an important tool in your retirement income toolkit. 
  • We focus our efforts to ensure that your retirement is a secure one. 
  • Learn how a "Senior Equity Line of Credit" helps you bridge the gap between not "outliving" your retirement funds and not restricting your lifestyle in the process.

The Team


Albert L. Jones, Senior Advisor

While Albert has experience and is licensed to provide financial services, such as retirement plans, annuities and insurance products, Albert specializes in helping Baby Boomers prepare for the "golden years", utilzing his skills as a National Mortgage Loan Officer and National Real Estate professional. If you or someone you know wants to learn how a "senior equity line" can extend your exisiting retirement, please call my direct line at (626) 923-9933. We also speak Spanish.