Also known as the Federally insurced H.E.C.M. or Home Equity Conversion Mortgage. You can access your equity in a variety of ways. A line of credit (the most popular), a lump sum payment or even a "tenure" monthly payment (works like an anuity). All three options allow you to pay-off any exisiting mortgages and provide you with "tax free" income.


"Advantage" JUMBO Reverse Mortgage:  Ideal for properties with a value from $1.5 Million to $6 Million.  Fixed Interest Rate with access to all loan proceeds in one lump sum. No monthly payments.  Tap into a new income stream.


The Perfect Retirement Tool.....

Use this retirement tool to meet your specific needs.

  • Create a Social Security Delay Bridge
  • Help Manage Falling into a Higher Tax Bracket
  • Use the Credit Line to Pay for Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Take Tenure Payments as an Alternative to Annuity Income

Retirment Income Planning Involves Reviewing Your Options

We are focused in teaching you how Reverse Mortgages can be an important tool in your retirement income toolkit. We focus our efforts to enusre that your retirment is a secure one. And how a "Senior Equity Line of Credit" helps you bridge the gap between not "outliving" your retirment funds and not restricting your lifestyle in the process.

Retired couple discussing their financial budget at home

Next Steps...

Find out how much you qualify for. Or request a FREE consultation with a (1) Reverse Mortgage Specialist (2) Financial Advisory or (3) Real Estate attorney.