Altadena, Widow

My family would like to sincerely thank you for all of the help you gave us to process our reverse mortgage.  We were not sure what to expect but you were able to answer all of our questions. You actually listened to our concerns and provided us with a service that fit our individual needs. Your warm
approach made it easy for us as a family, to decide what course would be best for us.
M.D and Family
Altadena, CA

Arcadia, Divorcee

“What a change in lifestyle this has brought me. Trying to exist on one income after retirement has not been easy. But now with my new reverse mortgage line of credit, I can sleep sound at night. I have no monthly mortgage payments and the fnancial freedom to continue to live comfortably in my own home. Albert, thank you so much for your patience and responding to all my questions. Your straight forward answers and advice was just what I needed. Honestly this is one of the best financial decisions I
have ever made. And you were right, it is always better to hold the hand of a friend during times of uncertainty. Thanks for being that friend.”
Arcadia, CA