Altadena, CA - Equity Line

"My family and I would like to thank you for all your help. We had a lot of questions regarding the reverse mortgage process and you were there with all the answers. Your warm approach, professionalism and knowledge made it easy for us to decide how to most effectively use the Senior Equity Line of Credit."

Thanks again, T.H. & Family

Arcadia, CA - Change In Lifestyle

"What a change in Lifestyle this has brought me. Trying to exist on one income after retirement has not been easy. After paying on the balance of my previous mortgage, I barely had enough funds for my medicare supplemental insurance, food and utilities. Now with my Senior Equity Line of Credit, I have No more mortgage payments and enough "cash" to spend when I want and how I want"

L.B.  - Arcadia

Rosemead, CA - What A Good Move..!

What a good move it was for us to get the Senior Equity Line of Credit - Reverse Mortgage. We paid off our first mortgage and that freed up a large portion of our retirement monthly income. We now look forward to aging gracefully in our beautiful family home. And the entire loan process was easier than we imagined.”

J. & N. M.  - Rosemead