Are you a homeowner over 60 years of age and still need a part time job?

I thought this would be a“catchy” head line, but it is also a sobering one as well. Did you know that 1 in 5 workers over the age of 60 say they don’t think they’ll ever be able to retire, according to a CareerBuilder survey. Half of these say they’ll have to wait until at least 70 to stop working. WOW!  Not to be pessimistic, but I imagine that these same folks had not planned to use their “golden” retirement years still working to fulfill someone else’s dreams.

This stark reality caused me to think for a moment about two of my more recent success stories.  I had two clients still working in their seventies because they did not have enough retirement income to keep up with the remaining payment on their mortgages and still have cash remaining after the other basics of life were paid for.  In fact one of my clients was still working long hours (in hot summer months) doing what he could with his landscaping business.

How relieved they were once the Senior Equity Line of Credit was in place. It eliminated their mortgage payments and provided a large emergency cash fund for the future.  Many seniors don’t realize what a valuable tool a Senior Equity Line of Credit is to them, to extend their retirement funds and simplify their lives.

Anyway, if you or a friend still needs a list of part-time jobs for seniors, here is the list.

  1. Consultant – Median Pay: (Variable)
  2. Tutor – Median Pay: $17 / hour
  3. Athletic Coach – Median Pay: $14 / hour
  4. Tax Preparer – Median Pay: $12 / hour
  5. Bookkeeper – Median Pay: $16 / hour
  6. Medical Biller / Coder – Median Pay: $15 – $17 / hour
  7. Customer Service Representative – Median Pay: $13 / hour
  8. Virtual Assistant – Median Pay: $15 / hour
  9. Pet Sitter / Dog Walker – Median Pay: $13 /hour
  10. Blogger – Median Pay: $20 / hour

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